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Show off your best colors! You want others to take notice, and you are more sensitive to whether people appreciate you. More than any time of the year, this is the cycle in which you focus on having fun, enjoying romance, and expressing yourself creatively. Your hobbies, leisure time, moments spent with children, gaming time, and so forth, all come into focus at this time of year. This is a cycle in which you find joy in expressing who you are--when your "inner child" comes out to play. This is a time when you are more flirtatious than usual, and when you might take a few risks in life--not only gambling with games but with life itself.

Scorpio Horoscope

You might be a bit of a showman at this time. You are likely feeling good in general, and you tend to spread the joy. Until February 3rd: Venus continues to grace your solar second house during this period.

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You might receive gifts or bonuses now, or you find much comfort in what you already own and have. You may be a little extravagant with money for the time being, as your desire for luxury and comfort items is increased now, and this is something to watch for.

When it comes to love, you value those who make you feel comfortable and secure. From February 4th forward: With Venus moving through your solar third house during this period, you are mostly cheerful in your approach to others, and perhaps somewhat intellectual, during this transit.

Essentially, you are quite companionable now. You enjoy talking about what interests you, and you find great value in the exchange of ideas. Sometimes this transit brings benefit through siblings, communications, or short trips. During this period, you are most attracted to wit, cheerfulness, and verbal rapport. You are especially good at mediating conflicts. Smoothing over differences using your diplomacy skills figures now. Your thoughts tend to revolve around personal matters, especially family, home, and domestic issues. You enjoy, more than usual, discussions and stories about the past and about family.

You are more rational and objective when it comes to your relationships with those close to you, so it is, in fact, a good time to open up discussions with family. There can be increased activities in and around the home during this cycle. You are not as interested in worldly matters and career as you are in your personal life for the time being.

During this cycle, there is a powerful mental connection with your creative self-expression. You are proud of your ideas, and very good at expressing them to others smoothly now. Your thinking is more creative than usual. You tend to entertain others with your conversation; and your sense of humor and of mischief!

Your thoughts turn to children, pleasures, or romance during this expressive cycle. You might enjoy researching speculative ventures now.

You especially enjoy games that involve competing with others on a mental level. You have a stronger need than usual for intellectual stimulation. Therefore, your friends and romantic partner are best appreciated now if they are intellectual types. You're more willing to take risks on a mental level now, so take advantage of the increased spontaneity and creativity that comes with this position. Until February 13th: Mars continues to animate and energize your solar sixth house.

Energy and initiative for work, health, and other daily activities increase. You are self-motivated when it comes to these matters. If there are disagreements and disputes that erupt on the job now, they may be due to a feeling of stress or impatience, or they could come from your desire to get things done independently. It's best to apply energy productively to completing projects that are unfinished or even to get ahead of yourself.

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It's a strong period for feeling motivated for starting a new health or fitness routine. From February 14th forward: Mars energizes and animates your solar seventh house. Partnerships may suffer from ego conflicts, or opposition from others may be challenging. Use the extra energy that Mars brings to this sector of your chart to work cooperatively on relationship problems. You may even find that you seem to need someone's help in order to do what you want to do during this cycle. Relationships are vivacious and dynamic during this period.

When a difference arises, you are quick to settle it, and have little patience for sweeping matters under the rug. Your close personal relationships are lively during this cycle--full of conflicts and resolutions or reconciliations. See our Time Line Forecast report for a personalized forecast for the year ahead. Get your unique Personalized Horoscope for the year ahead—over pages long—for a detailed guide to your best days and your most challenging days for attracting love, career success, communication, and more.

Know More About Yourself and Others. Try Cafe Astrology's in-depth birth chart reports , relationship reports , future forecasts , and more. Love outlook for the year ahead. Romantic Compatibility Reports. Try Cafe Astrology's in-depth romantic compatibility reports , including the Synastry and Love Ties reports. See also Scorpio Preview Horoscope. Love: Priority to the Family You will be more mobilized by the stewardship or by your family relationships than by your loves that will have to wait until the 18th to return to the front of the stage.

If you have a hard time communicating with your loved ones, you can count on the support of Venus from the 3rd to get your messages across smoothly and close ranks. You will want to make yourself understood and you will seek to please those around you. From the 18th, the sun will enchant your intimate life, enhance your power of seduction, and your sensuality.

Scorpio Horoscope - Major Life Changes to expect!

You will develop this program without delay, which will allow you to pass from February to March in beauty and in love. Saturn has stopped scrambling the frequency since last December and you have less trouble making yourself understood. Between the 3rd and the 12th, you will rely on Venus to reconnect with a complicity you lacked. The opportunity to communicate constructively with relatives who are sensitive to your availability and your listening. From the 18th, you will get down to business. It will then be a question of investing in an emotional life that offers you a few moments.

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  • You are being redirected.
  • At the end of the month, the exchanges will be intense and nothing will be tepid between you and your partner. Take this opportunity to spice up your frolics and your relationship. In a Relationship, you have, in February, many assets to put joy and fun into your loves. You will have to wait until the 18th to frolic but you will not regret it.

    However, you need to master your somewhat warlike approach if you do not want to scare your partner. Your eager impulses will charm them at the end of the month: the temperature will rise. Single, you will not hesitate to turn a corner or even try your luck and take the first step. You will have the opportunity from March 14th where Mars will help you out of the woods and more from the 18th where the sun will endow you with an irresistible charm that you will exercise successfully.

    Scorpio October 12222 Horoscope: Love, Money & Career

    At the beginning of the month, you will multiply the gestures that will delight your loved ones. Whether it is to improve your living conditions or simply to please, you will have the art of deploying your talents at the service of those you love. Bet on Venus to seduce whoever you want and captivate your partner who will let it happen without opposition. This will not prevent you from delicately addressing what is stuck between you. Enough to find the words and the right method to better understand.

    In a Relationship, a nice month to unroll between attention that is appreciated in family and small sweet words in love.

    Money & Career

    You'll know what to say and what to do to please everyone and warm up the mood. Single, you will probably want to spoil your loved ones.

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